About Us

Officially Established 11 June 2020 The brand founded by Mthandazo, came with a concept of the jewellery pieces after a hard struggle as a diaspora who lives in uk. There was never a jewellery piece that I wore that expressed me and my values as a Nguni / Kalanga / Sotho .I wish I had luxury pieces like the Christian cross that is versatile and can be worn during smart or casual events . Therefore came the idea to invest and design jewellery pieces myself . That sparked the idea for Hutplug.The Goal is to make Jewellery that Embraces and teaches African history ,the stories of those who came before us ,for us to be here today. Jewellery that resonates with the African at Heart. In the world where self-image can alter perception and empowerment of self .Hut Plug Designers his pieces to make umuntu / a person feel empowered and unapologetic proud of who they are and where they come from while being Fashionable at the same time.

The name – The concept came about through the admiration of the African Hut Design. Even in its simplicity there is a lot of genius thought behind it. The Hut design AKA the rondaval is a design that was chosen by my forefathers not only for its simply design,but it is the coolest design under the hot heat of the African savanna ,jungle and planes.Then during the cold winters, the design of the thatch roof keeps the interior the warmest. Even to date the design is credited by architects as the best design for thermoregulation.
The Plug part of the name was a way of conceptualising the fact that we produce those hard to find products for the people who love and are proud of the African culture and tradition.  – A plug (or the plug) is a person who has the ability to get or supply hard-to-find items.  Combined  with that we want to connect Africans throughout the world.Jewellery is made for expressing and standing out , stand out drip with your heritage.

HUTPLUG Umsebezi wethu uyayicacela